The Left's Misleading Claim Of Racism In Law Enforcement



By Stephen Thayer, LELDF Associate



In August, the FBI Counterterrorism Division produced a report entitled “Black Identity Extremists (BIE) Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers.” The report states that Black Identity Extremists are killing law enforcement officers and warns there is a high likelihood they will continue to do so. The left takes issue with the report and continues to mislead the public.

One would think Americans, regardless of race, color, creed or political persuasion would stand forcefully against the unlawful killing of anyone, particularly the assassination of law enforcement officers.

However, the usual suspects like The Washington Post, ACLU and Black Lives Matter don’t address that issue because it’s contained in a report that doesn’t reflect the liberal narrative that U.S. law enforcement is infected by systemic racism. They are quick to renounce violence by extremists on the right but they don’t want you to know about the extremists on the left.

The Washington Post, to discredit the report, mischaracterizes it by saying the report identifies black civil rights activists as Black Identity Extremists. That’s untrue. 

As clearly stated in the report:

“This intelligence assessment focuses on individuals with BIE ideological motivations who have committed targeted, premeditated attacks against law enforcement officers since 2014.”

Included in the examples was Micah Johnson who ambushed 11 law enforcement officers, killing five white officers, in Dallas as they protected a Black Lives Matter march. During the ensuing standoff with police, Johnson told police negotiators he was upset about recent police shootings and white people, and expressed a desire to kill white people, especially white officers.  Johnson searched and liked social media pages of BIE and black separatist groups and had been ousted from a local BIE group for being too radical, according to an open source news article.

It is clear the report was about those violent individuals who kill law enforcement officers in an effort to further their political cause.

A sacred cow of the left’s belief in law enforcement racism is the fatal citizen/police encounter known as “Ferguson.”  The FBI assessed:

“it is very likely the increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement began following the 9 August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.”

The left’s difficulty in acknowledging the rise in anti-police violence post-Ferguson is the simple reality that the “Hands up, don’t shoot “ narrative was proven, ironically by Eric Holder’s DOJ, to be mythical. There was no evidence indicating Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson acted out of any racial animus or bias, nor was there credible evidence showing thuggish Michael Brown had his hands up in surrender at any time during the encounter. Instead, the hulking Brown was the attacker and the aggressor, trying to grab the handgun of a uniformed police officer sitting in a marked police vehicle. 

Simply stated, “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie that ignited an anti-police brushfire that swept across the country. Its hateful spawn, the Black Lives Matter movement, is, at its core, an anti-cop group that plays willing host to hateful protestors spewing rhetoric that only invites attacks on police. Here, the left is silent on the “HUDS” myth while it seeks to attack FBI reporting that calls out BLM’s dangerous supplicants.

The FBI was right to study the issue, certainly out of a concern over what’s been obvious— increasing attacks on law enforcement, increasing ambushes of law enforcement. 

Rather than attacking, the liberal left should be joining the FBI in asking why?

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