Andrew Delke - Nashville Police Department


Officer Andrew Delke of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department was inexplicably charged with first degree premeditated murder after he was forced to shoot an armed suspect in defense of his life and others in the area. That’s right, AN ARMED SUSPECT who also happens to be a convicted felon! Andrew pursued a career in law enforcement because he felt drawn to public service as a way of making a difference. Now, at twenty-five years old, all he and his wife, Kimberly, can do is think about is how to pay for the best defense possible. They have to match the virtually unlimited resources of the district attorney.

On July 26, 2018, Officer Delke attempted to make a traffic stop of a suspicious vehicle. He activated his flashing lights, but the driver did not stop – instead he took off in an attempt to elude the police. In accordance with Metropolitan Nashville Police Department policy Officer Delke did not continue to pursue.

Officer Delke was able to find what he  believed to be the vehicle nearby, just after it had been parked. He saw one of the suspects start running away. Officer Delke got out of his police car and went after the suspect. While running, the suspect pulled a handgun from his waistband. Delke, fearing he was about to be shot, pulled out his own duty weapon and, multiple times, yelled for the suspect to drop his gun, but he refused.

Officer Delke knew through his training and experience that a desperate suspect could raise his gun and shoot at any second. Delke discharged his weapon, striking the suspect three times, in order to protect himself and everyone else in the immediate area. When other officers arrived, they found the fully-loaded pistol in  the suspect’s hand.

Now, Officer Andrew Delke is in another fight for his life. If he is convicted as charged of first-degree murder, he could be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The LELDF is proud to stand with and support Officer Andrew Delke. He chose to become a law enforcement officer because he wanted to be a protector – that’s exactly what he did last July. He ran toward danger even knowing he was endangering his own life. But he couldn’t have known that acting to protect himself from being shot by an armed and dangerous suspect would result in being charged with murder.