Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Responds To Loretta Lynch As New Attorney General

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (April, 27, 2014) — Ron Hosko, president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund who served as assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation until April 2014, responded Loretta Lynch being voted in as our nation’s new attorney general, saying:

“LELDF has more often than not been critical of the work of outgoing Attorney General Holder. We believe he made ill-timed and needless comments that only served to raise suspicion toward all of law enforcement and divide them from those they serve. His interjection of personal politics and sentiments after the fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer added to those of other uninformed voices and damaged trust in law enforcement in every corner of America.

“We have many reasons to be optimistic about Loretta Lynch’s professionalism and ability to succeed in this challenging position. Her record indicates that her tenure will be a refreshing departure from the hostile and combative administration of Mr. Holder.
“But, Ms. Lynch has a lot of work ahead. She must undo the damage caused by her predecessor as it concerns the relationship between police and the Obama Administration. She must restore trust between the Department of Justice and Congress. And she must assure the public that DOJ is a fair, unbiased component that works only for the American people, not in advancement of a particular agenda.

“We wish Ms. Lynch great success.”