Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund Raises Charity Navigator Rating By Two Stars During Rebuilding Year

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 23, 2015) — Following a weeks-long information exchange effort, on December 22, 2015, Charity Navigator, a leading non-profit rating organization, afforded the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund a two star rating (out of four).

Like other charitable organizations, we were assessed in two principal areas: Financial and Accountability & Transparency. We scored 73.99 out of 100 overall, with a 63.44 Financial score and a 96.00 Accountability & Transparency score.

We’re pleased but we’re far from done.

We recognize that outdated, misleading criticisms of LELDF still exist on the Internet. Times have changed; our leadership has changed. We adjusted course in 2014 and the current rating from Charity Navigator is now a more accurate reflection of the improvements we’ve initiated.

We’re now on a path to three or four star ratings from Charity Navigator and others and anticipate updated ratings by the summer of 2016. Meanwhile, our current two star rating is the same one held by far bigger non-profits, including: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Cato Institute, Habitat for Humanity International, Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, National Wildlife Federation, and many other groups doing solid work for their cause.

An additional item worth mentioning: for over 20 years LELDF utilized direct mail as a key fundraising means. Direct mail is costly—stationery, printing, and postage—and expenses tend to be a significant factor in the overall costs of any organization using the technique, and in the related assessment of that organization. That said, our direct mail efforts have allowed us to provide millions of dollars in legal, financial, and emotional support to dozens of deserving law enforcement officers whose situation deserved our backing. We’re proud of that record.