For over two decades, LELDF has contributed millions of dollars to offset legal and other expenses, as well as pro-bono legal advice, to more than two dozen law enforcement professionals and their families. LELDF is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported solely through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations. This financial and legal assistance has become increasingly important as our society becomes more litigious and the frequency and cost of defending allegations against law enforcement professionals continues to rise.





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Law Enforcement OFficer Defense

In the early 1990s, David Martin, Edwin Meese, Alfred Regnery, and Bradford Reynolds started a direct mail campaign to fundraise for Stacey Koon—one of the officers from the infamous Rodney King case. The campaign was so successful that the four former DOJ officials started the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund to help other officers who they believed were wrongfully accused. Since then, LELDF has contributed millions to help officers from all over the country fight their unjust charges in court. In some situations we have also provided expert witnesses to testify on behalf of our officers.






Use of Force Simulator

Since 2015, the LELDF has invited a wide array of media representatives, including those from The Washington PostNPRFox NewsTownhallThe Washington Free BeaconThe Washington TimesThe Daily CallerWUSA 9 (Washington, D.C.)USA TodayCNN, and others, to participate in our police training simulator educational experience. Sessions are designed to inform participants on the law, the training, and the practical considerations related to the use of police force, before being exposed to an immersive training simulator featuring realistic scenarios where they get to make decisions on what force might be necessary to resolve a situation. 


Townhall's Katie Pavlich takes out a gunman during an active shooter simulation

Townhall's Katie Pavlich takes out a gunman during an active shooter simulation

use of force action guide

The Law Enforcement Legal Fund has, for over two decades, had a primary mission of raising funds to help offset the often massive cost of defending criminal charges against law enforcement officers based on the use of force while executing their sworn duties.

This document and infographic is meant to fill an informational gap between officers (and departments) who haven't adequately considered, "What if this here?" or "What if this happens to me?"

The time to plan for a use of force incident was yesterday. If you haven't, it is NOW!