CHARGES DISMISSED: Montana Sheyenne — Monett, Missouri Police Department

CHARGES DISMISSED: Montana Sheyenne — Monett, Missouri Police Department


On September 26, 2019, Officer Montana Sheyenne was off-duty and returning home from dinner with his wife. As he neared his home, Sheyenne saw a pick-up truck with two occupants on the street near his home. The truck passenger got out of the truck and broke the window of a vehicle parked nearby. Sheyenne called 911 from his cell phone and let his wife out of the vehicle so she could return to their home. When the passenger re-entered the truck, Sheyenne began providing information to 911 as he followed the truck.

The driver of the truck was aware that he was being followed and attempted to elude Montana by driving fast through the neighborhood. Montana lost sight of the truck and returned home.

When he arrived back home, he saw the same truck sitting in the yard of the home directly across the street from his own home. He exited his vehicle and identified himself as a police officer as he approached the suspect vehicle, which still had two occupants. The truck then began moving forward toward him, nearly striking him. Montana stepped to the side to avoid being struck, but discharged one round into the left-rear tire of the truck. The truck presented an obvious threat to public safety and Montana wanted to prevent the driver from running over or harming others in the area.

After fleeing, the suspect vehicle intentionally rammed a responding Monett police vehicle a few blocks away. Before the suspect vehicle struck the police vehicle, a police sergeant riding as a passenger in the vehicle discharged one round at the driver of the suspect vehicle. No one was struck by that round.

The driver of the suspect vehicle was arrested at the scene of the collision. He was charged with driving while intoxicated, assault, criminal property damage, and related charges.

Inexplicably, months later Officer Montana Sheyenne was charged with felony Unlawful Use of a Firearm. Once the charges were filed Montana lost the ability to serve and protect his hometown. Now he is fighting for his freedom.




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