The Defending The Police Project: Defending Those Who Defend Us

Law enforcement and our basic system of public safety are under attack. Now more than ever, the brave and selfless men and women who protect us from harm need defending, not to be defunded.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund’s Defending The Police Project serves to research and analyze public policy challenges and proposals to determine how to best promote public safety, support all aspects of law enforcement, and ensure justice for all. Through an examination of effective and principled justice policies, the Project boldly advocates and informs the public on policies, strategies, and tactics that reduce crime and violence, uphold the Rule of Law, and realize the Founders’ vision for “ordered liberty.”

The men and women of law enforcement who protect our communities need our support to combat rising crime and violence, restore order, and safeguard our rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Defending our police is the duty of all citizens to defend those who sacrifice to defend our communities. The precious but precarious public safety gains made by law enforcement in the past few decades has made toward promoting public safety are being eroded by rogue prosecutors, hostile activists, and misguided political leaders. Pushes to “defund the police,” weaken criminal consequences, and hamstring our police make it all the more urgent that law enforcement and its citizen-supporters have a voice to promote sensible pro-safety policies across the country through rigorous research, bold advocacy, and rapid response communications through media and public education.


Your support matters. We’ve helped dozens of officers get their names cleared of wrongful charges. Your donation will help make sure that these officers get back to doing their jobs instead of sitting behind bars. Thank you for standing with our men and women in blue!

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