The LELDF's original mission, and still our core mission, was raising funds to help defend the actions of wrongly accused law enforcement officers who were acting, in our estimation, within the scope of their responsibilities, experience and training.  Since events in Ferguson in August 2014, there's been an increasing need for LELDF support to individual law enforcement officers.  We've been up for the challenge.  


In just that time until August 2018, the LELDF has maintained or undertaken support for 19 law enforcement officers, 17 of whom were ultimately charged with crimes.  Only one of those officers was subsequently convicted of an offense.  Eight of the officers we've supported were found NOT GUILTY of alleged crimes and nine others had charges against them DISMISSED, either during pretrial proceedings or after prosecutors reassessed their chances of obtaining a conviction given the lack of proof they originally proceeded on.  


We're proud of this record of success but we know more cases will come as politics, not facts, drive some prosecutors to bring charges against police who are simply trying to do their jobs and go home safely to their families.





March 2018

"There may be a time and place for a scorched earth policy coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. However, misdirected online rants whose direct or collateral damage results only in the undermining of the little remaining trust Americans have in our institutions of government should not be part of that policy." — Ron Hosko

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For over two decades, LELDF has contributed millions of dollars to offset legal and other expenses, as well as pro-bono legal advice, to more than two dozen law enforcement professionals and their families. LELDF is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported solely through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations. This financial and legal assistance has become increasingly important as our society becomes more litigious and the frequency and cost of defending allegations against law enforcement professionals continues to rise.


case defense

Since its inception, LELDF has been dedicated to supporting the defense of wrongfully accused/charged law enforcement officers by providing funds for their defense counsel, court and subsistence costs, and expert witnesses.

law enforcement organizations

Supporting the honorable work of law enforcement officers is a vast mission that covers many issues—all of which would be impossible for LELDF to handle on our own. This is why we support the activities of other law enforcement advocacy groups, law enforcement professional associations, fraternal organizations, and related groups.

public education

Over the last decade, social networks have emerged as powerful tools with which to control media and social narratives. But this doesn't always mean the truth is heard—as seen in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent Black Lives Matter movement. This is why LELDF made it a mission to publicize the many challenges and dangers faced by our nation's law enforcement officers—using the power of online news and social media to our advantage.