The Unpredictable Madness of Chicago

Last Saturday, Chicago police approached a man on the city’s south side with body cameras recording.   For police in any city, the encounter was perhaps a classic attempt at a Terry street stop – one where police have reasonable suspicion of a weapon, one where police want to conduct a brief stop and defensively “pat down” a suspect.

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The Deadly Consequence Of Recasting Prisoners As Victims

Early last week, law enforcement found itself again under violent attack, this time in a small Missouri town. After responding to a disturbance call, Clinton, Missouri Police Officer Christopher Ryan Morton was cut down by gunfire and lay dying in a house. Before his radio went silent, Officer Morton called that he’d been shot multiple times. Two fellow officers exchanged gunfire with the killer and tried to negotiate an end of the incident to try and extract their wounded colleague. They were too late. 

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