ALL CHARGES DROPPED: Garrett Rolfe — Atlanta, Georgia Police Department

ALL CHARGES DROPPED: Garrett Rolfe — Atlanta, Georgia Police Department

Officer Garrett Rolfe of the Atlanta Police Department was charged with Felony Murder and ten other charges by Fulton County DA, Paul Howard, just days after Rolfe fatally shot Rayshard Brooks. The DA did so without consulting or cooperating with Georgia’s statewide investigative agency, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The District Attorney, Paul Howard, is under criminal investigation himself, for allegedly misappropriating over $100, 000 in taxpayer funds. He also faces a runoff election against a string challenger. Politics, rather than faithful adherence to the law has led Mr. Howard to wrongfully pursue these charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe.

On June 12, 2020 at about 1030 PM, Atlanta police officers received a 911 call for service of a man sleeping in his car, blocking the drive-thru at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

After an initial responding officer, Devon Brosnan, asked Mr. Brooks to wake up and remove his car from the drive-thru line, but after Brosnan walked away, Brooks went back to sleep. Brosnan asked Brooks a second time to move into a parking space, this time Brooks complied.

When Brosnan called for a DUI specialist, Officer Garrett Rolfe responded He was in full police uniform and equipped with a body worn camera.

About 40 minutes into the interaction, Brooks failed the sobriety test. Officers told Brooks he was under arrest and Brooks violently resisted handcuffing. During the struggle Brooks struck one officer. Rolfe discharged his Taser at Brooks. Brooks was able to wrest a taser away from one of the officers, then fled on foot.

Brooks ran about 100-200 feet before reaching back with the Taser he was carrying in his right hand, pointing it at Rolfe and discharged the Taser. Rolfe discharged his firearm at Brooks, striking him twice in the back. Brooks later died.

Because of the current anti-police environment, radical police haters demanded Rolfe be charged with murder. Without conducting a thorough, impartial investigation, DA Paul Howard announced murder charges against this decorated police officer just days after the shooting.



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