Joseph Rollo

Joseph Rollo

Joseph A. Rollo, LCSW-C volunteers his time as a liaison to officers supported by the LELDF and their families.
Joe served as the Director for Psychological Services for the Prince George’s County Police Department from 1992 until his retirement in 2015.

He led the implementation of systems that provide support to law enforcement officers as they navigate the many stresses and challenges of a career in law enforcement. He has counseled hundreds of law enforcement officers who have been involved in critical use of force incidents.

As a member of the Department’s Conflict Management Team, Mr. Rollo provided on-call services for officers and their families particularly in response to serious use of force incidents or in which a member of law enforcement was injured or killed.
During his forty years as a social worker, Mr. Rollo has worked in community mental health settings, providing clinical services and training to public safety organizations, both locally and nationally. He has earned his reputation as a trusted member of the police family.
His current interest involves service to law enforcement personnel, who are returning military veterans, offering psycho-educational groups to those military veterans and their families.


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