Deputy James Johnson and Deputy Zachary Camden – Williamson County, TX Sheriff’s Department

Deputy James Johnson and Deputy Zachary Camden – Williamson County, TX Sheriff’s Department

He led them on a 22-minute, dangerous, high-speed pursuit. After crashing his car, he had a heart attack and died before he could even be handcuffed. Now a George Soros-supported, progressive prosecutor wants to throw two deputy sheriffs in jail…

Javier Ambler led Williamson County, TX sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed pursuit into Travis County (Austin), where he crashed, ending the pursuit. He then refused to submit to handcuffing. Weighing in at over 400 pounds and fueled by illegal drugs, Ambler’s heart gave out before deputies could even get him secured in handcuffs.

Though deputies performed CPR and immediately summoned medical help, Ambler could not be revived.

But the biggest shock would come when, over two years later, the newly-elected prosecutor, Jose Garza, charged Deputies James Johnson and Zachary Camden with manslaughter. That’s right – the officers who did nothing more than pursue a fleeing convicted criminal have had their careers ended and now face decades in prison!

Deputy James Johnson wanted to be a law enforcement officer since his first ride-along at age 18. He paid his way through the police academy. Soon after graduation he began working as a police officer in the Giddings, TX police department. He eventually moved on to the Williamson County Sheriffs Department where he had a very successful career. He was selected as a SWAT operator, filed training officer, instructor, and served in many specialty assignments. He has four children.

Deputy Zachary Camden also became interested in a career in law enforcement as a teenager. He was influenced by his grandfather and uncle who previously served as Houston, TX police officers. He put himself through the police academy while working midnights at a local hospital. During his four-year career he was selected to serve on the SWAT and Crisis Intervention Teams. In the latter role he was specially trained how to defuse mental health crises. Zachary is engaged to be married and has two young children.

As the LELDF always does, we will stand by Deputies Johnson and Camden to make sure they receive the very best defense available.



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