Eric DeValkenaere — Kansas City, Missouri Police Department

Eric DeValkenaere — Kansas City, Missouri Police Department

UPDATE:  In November 2021, Eric was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter and Armed Criminal Action. We continue to fight for Eric as his case makes it through the appellate process in the state courts of Missouri.


Kansas City, Missouri Police Department Detective Eric DeValkenaere is a 20-year decorated veteran of the department. He performed with bravery and heroism in saving the life of a fellow-officer late last year. Unfortunately, he has been ensnared in the current anti-police movement. The LELDF is committed to helping him secure his freedom and restore his stellar reputation.

Early afternoon of Dec. 3, 2019, KCPD observed a red pick-up truck chasing another vehicle through the streets of Kansas City. Officers attempted to catch up with the pick-up truck, but had to involve the police helicopter in order to track the fleeing vehicle.

At some point, the driver of the pick-up truck drove down the driveway of a home on College Avenue in Kansas City and into the back yard.

Two detectives, Eric DeValkenaere and Troy Schwalm, arrived on College Avenue and walked to the back yard, where the fleeing vehicle had been spotted by the helicopter crew. Det. Schwalm approached from the driver’s side and Det. DeValkenaere approached on the passenger side. They were shouting verbal commands toward the driver, Lamb, in an attempt to have him stop and show his hands.

Det. DeValkenaere saw Lamb (still seated in the driver’s position) reach toward his waistband with his left hand. Lamb then raised a handgun and pointed the gun toward Det. Schwalm.

Fearing that Lamb was going to shoot Det. Schwalm, Det. DeValkenaere discharged his firearm four times into the windshield of the pick-up. Lamb was struck multiple times. The pick-up continued travelling into the garage, where it came to a stop. When officers entered the garage, they found Lamb deceased. The gun was found on the floor of the garage and Lamb’s arm was hanging out the open window of the pick-up. The gun was a .45 semi-auto pistol, which had been reported stolen from Kansas City, KS.

Instead of receiving an award for his heroic action in saving the life of another officer, Det. DeValkenaere has been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Armed Criminal Action, felonies that could land him in prison for decades. The elected prosecutor responsible for bringing these charges, Jean Peters Baker, faces a contested election in November. Her decision to bring these baseless charges against a decorated cop appears to be entirely motivated by the current anti-police sentiment and Ms. Baker’s desire to remain in office.



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