Deputy Michael Shaw – Bladen County, NC Sheriff Department

Deputy Michael Shaw – Bladen County, NC Sheriff Department

Michael Shaw prevails against these unjustified charges! The charges are no longer pending and have been completely expunged. He and his family can now hold their head high and move on with their lives.


A career criminal, convicted felon led him on a dangerous, high speed pursuit, but now it’s Deputy Michael Shaw that is facing charges

On October 8, 2021, Bladen County, NC deputy sheriff Michael Shaw made a traffic stop of a convicted felon named William Cain. Mr. Cain was a convicted felon with whom Deputy Shaw had arrested in the past.

During the stop, Michael saw ammunition in Cain’s glove compartment. As a convicted felon, Cain was prohibited from possessing ammunition. It also raised Michael’s concern that Cain could be illegally carrying a firearm.

Just then, Cain took off in the truck, leading deputies on a dangerous, 11-mile high speed pursuit until he crashed into a dark pond in a rural, unlit area.

Michael and another deputy were able to get Cain into handcuffs on the edge of the pond, but not before Michael had to use force, by a minor “stunning” strike to the head, to get Cain safely arrested.

Shockingly, the local district attorney decided to charge Michael with a crime for a very minor use of necessary force.

Michael Shaw is a highly-decorated and respected member of law enforcement for nearly twenty years. He has an unblemished professional history.

He is married and has three young children.



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