Special Agent Mark Wagner – Wisconsin Department of Justice – Acquitted

Special Agent Mark Wagner – Wisconsin Department of Justice – Acquitted

On March 27, 2024, Special Agent Mark Wagner was found not guilty.


He is a respected veteran of three decades of honorable law enforcement service. But a life and death encounter with a violent career criminal has turned his world upside-down and landed him on the wrong side of the law.

Mark Wagner is a Special Agent of the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Before that he spent twenty-five years as a Milwaukee police officer, where he served with honor and distinction.                                                   

On the morning of February 3, 2022 his life would change forever. That’s the day Mark and his colleagues tried to arrest a violent career criminal who had an outstanding arrest warrant. In spite of Mark and his team’s best efforts to bring Quadran Wilson into custody safely and without incident, he violently resisted.

The arrest team that Mark was a part of had been very careful to block in Wilson’s car so he couldn’t escape, but that didn’t stop him from smashing the accelerator, spinning his wheels wildly in a desperate attempt to escape justice.

In the chaos that ensued Mark and one of his teammates saw Wilson reaching into his center console then heard what they believed was gunfire. They reacted by using deadly force to end this life-threatening situation and to bring Wilson into custody. Thankfully this ended the confrontation and Wilson was brought into custody – fortunately he recovered from his injury.

Unfortunately, being a cop these days means not only facing physical danger on a regular basis, but also bearing the legal consequences when a rogue prosecutor decides to make a political point. Because there was no gun found in Wilson’s car, the district attorney decided to bring felony charges against Mark Wagner. Now he faces 10 years in prison.

Mark Wagner is a highly respected law enforcement professional. He has spent his entire career taking dangerous criminals off the street. He is a devoted husband and father. And he’s the kind of man that would give his friend a kidney if he needed it – in fact he did just that!

Now Mark needs our help to fight these charges!



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