Officer Michael Dunn – Farmer’s Branch, TX Police Department – Acquitted

Officer Michael Dunn – Farmer’s Branch, TX Police Department – Acquitted

Officer Michael Dunn was acquitted of all charges on December 13, 2023.


Officer Michael Dunn was indicted for Murder just two weeks after he was forced to shoot a career car thief who careened toward him, nearly striking him, in a stolen truck.

In June, 2019, Officer Michael Dunn was working uniform patrol in Farmer’s Branch, TX. Detectives were tracking a stolen pickup truck they believed had been stolen by a career car thief. They found the vehicle unoccupied and made a plan to arrest the thief when he returned to the truck. Officer Dunn was assigned to approach to make the arrest.

When the thief returned to the truck, Officer Dunn pulled his marked police vehicle up to the truck. Suddenly, the driver accelerated hard and made a sharp turn out of the parking space and toward Dunn who had just stepped out of his patrol vehicle. Believing he was about to be struck by the truck or pinned against his patrol vehicle, Dunn fired three rounds at the driver of the stolen truck. The suspect died at the scene – Dunn sustained back and leg injuries.

Michael Dunn has served as a Farmer’s Branch, TX police officer since 2006. Prior to becoming a police officer he served as an active duty United States Marine. He continues to serve in the Marine Corps Reserves, currently holding the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant.

As a police officer, Michael has served on the Honor Guard, Police Training Officer, and on the Regional SWAT Team as a Team Leader. Michael currently holds a Master Peace Officer License with the State of Texas and has been rewarded with the Farmers Branch Rookie of the Year Award, Officer of the Year, several Chief’s Awards for valor and bravery in extremely dangerous situations while on duty, and the State of Texas Mothers Against Drunk Driving Hero Award for strict enforcement on Intoxicated Driver’s. Michael is a dedicated father of two children.



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