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Jovanny Crespo – Newark, NJ Police Department

It started with a traffic stop of a vehicle flying through the late-night streets of Newark, NJ. It turned in to a high-speed chase of two career criminals armed with a gun and a load of heroin. But now Officer Jovanny Crespo is facing the possibility of life in prison for protecting himself, his fellow police officers, and the community.

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CHARGES DISMISSED: Montana Sheyenne — Monett, Missouri Police Department

Officer Montana Sheyenne of the Monett, Missouri Police Department was off-duty and returning from dinner with his wife. As they drove down their street, Montana saw the passenger from a pick-up truck hop out and smash the window of another car. As an officer, he felt a duty to get involved. Little did he know, that decision to step-up and protect his community would lead to life and career altering consequences.

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Adam Lunn and James O’Brien – Boulder, Colorado Sheriff Deputies

Two sheriff’s deputies in Boulder, Colorado were transporting a man to a recovery center because he was apparently intoxicated. Little did they know their world was getting ready to be turned upside-down.

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Devin Eaton – Hamden, CT Police Department

Officer Devin Eaton was responding to a reported robbery at a gas station involving a suspect armed with a gun. While responding, he saw the exact vehicle described driving away by the suspect. Before he knew it shots were fired and Eaton was faced with the ordeal of his life…

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Aaron Dean – Fort Worth, TX Police Department

Officer Aaron Dean, Fort Worth, TX Police Department faces life in prison. He responded to a call for a door sitting wide-open at a home in the middle of the night. Tragically, when confronted with a gun pointed right at him, he was forced to shoot. Now, in response to public pressure, he is being prosecuted for murder.

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PARDON GRANTED: Stephanie Mohr, Prince George’s County Police Department, MD

Officer Stephanie Mohr was a young K-9 handler in September 1995 when she, her training officer and her K-9 responded to a call for backup after officers from a neighboring jurisdiction encountered a suspected business burglary in progress. Officer Mohr, working for the Prince George’s County . . .

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Mike Holmes – Grundy County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Mike Holmes was just attempting a traffic stop on a reckless, speeding vehicle. Little did he know that what was about to happen would change his life forever. After a brief pursuit, he wound up looking down the barrel of the suspect’s gun – then nearly run over by the suspect’s car. He would survive and escape physical injury, but now he is facing a manslaughter charge and the possibility of 15 years behind bars.

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Andrew O’Gwin – Utah Adult Probation and Parole

Imagine the surprise of a veteran law enforcement officer simply waiting for a traffic light to change, when he finds himself under assault by a hooded man just outside a thin car window.  Just seconds to decide on what's happening, what's the right response...

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Devon Kraemer — Brown Deer Police Department, WI (Mistrial Feb. 28, 2018, Case Dismissed April 9, 2018)

Events just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in March 2016, show just how perilous policing in America has become in our post-Ferguson world. They give voice to the “Ferguson Effect” where police are avoiding encounters that could deter crime but also result in criminal charges against them.

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Hugh Barry, Jr. — New York City Police Department, NY (Acquitted Feb. 15, 2018)

On October 18, 2016, New York police and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel responded to calls for assistance at a Bronx apartment complex where an emotionally disturbed person (EDP) had become disruptive and aggressive with others in the building. The woman, a 66 year-old African . . .

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