CHARGES DISMISSED: Montana Sheyenne — Monett, Missouri Police Department

Officer Montana Sheyenne of the Monett, Missouri Police Department was off-duty and returning from dinner with his wife. As they drove down their street, Montana saw the passenger from a pick-up truck hop out and smash the window of another car. As an officer, he felt a duty to get involved. Little did he know, that decision to step-up and protect his community would lead to life and career altering consequences.

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Devin Eaton – Hamden, CT Police Department

Officer Devin Eaton was responding to a reported robbery at a gas station involving a suspect armed with a gun. While responding, he saw the exact vehicle described driving away by the suspect. Before he knew it shots were fired and Eaton was faced with the ordeal of his life…

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Aaron Dean – Fort Worth, TX Police Department

Officer Aaron Dean, Fort Worth, TX Police Department faces life in prison. He responded to a call for a door sitting wide-open at a home in the middle of the night. Tragically, when confronted with a gun pointed right at him, he was forced to shoot. Now, in response to public pressure, he is being prosecuted for murder.

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Jovanny Crespo – Newark, NJ Police Department

It started with a traffic stop of a vehicle flying through the late-night streets of Newark, NJ. It turned in to a high-speed chase of two career criminals armed with a gun and a load of heroin. But now Officer Jovanny Crespo is facing the possibility of life in prison for protecting himself, his fellow police officers, and the community.

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